I’ve seen the light…

8 02 2009

dsc_0011The sun was out today for a little bit but the temps were stellar and melted all the snow.  I stood staring at the bright orbe thinking it would fix me then I realized that tomorrow night is a full moon.  The gravitational pull has me horizontally attached to the couch.  Sleep only comes best in the early hours of dawn.  I am a lunatic.  Then just for fun I self-diagnosed via WIKI.  I swear I have DSPS and so does Best Boy – they say there is a genetic link. BTW – do you know what the picture is of?



5 responses

9 02 2009

La foto es del faro trasero de un coche!??

9 02 2009

¡Qué lista!

9 02 2009
Buddy McNiece

Yeah, what Bianca said, but it is the passenger side, correct?

9 02 2009

¡Qué listo! Yeah, but I had to really think about that one.

9 02 2009

something about a car and a tail light…
that was my guess too. but didn’t guess passenger…

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