babies to brighten your day

6 07 2009

So I had a hard time of it this last weekend.  It all started with the dog debacle.  Then, I made the best BBQ chicken on the grill for the 4th, only to have that damn temporary crown that I’m still not convinced I even needed in the first place – pop off mid-bite.  Yes, they had given me some magic potion to mix in the event of such an unfortunate circumstances but it didn’t do anything other than make a big mess in my mouth.  I called the poor schmuck on-call-dentist and asked it if was ok for me to just go without until they could see me.  She thought that they would be able to get me in first thing Monday morning for sure – moving my scheduled appointment for the permanent crown up three days. That never happened.

Yesterday morning while I was laying on the couch, I had my eyeball nearly exploded by the Mouser who did a “touch and go” landing with the full force of her weight as she was in mad pursuit of a phantom fly.  My eye looked pretty nasty for a couple of hours while I kept ice on it.  That didn’t help my already dicey mood.

Add to that two trips to the airport chasing back and forth trying to retreive Best Boy’s lost luggage…I had myself a good “feel-sorry-for-myself” cry.

There are times when I find myself feeling overwhelmed by anything and everything.  Maybe it’s just circumstances – maybe it’s really depression – maybe it’s post-traumatic menopause syndrome or maybe I’ve been reading 8 years worth of  But there are just days or weeks that I want a “do over”.  Since there is really no way to do that – then I’d better just find a way to keep baby-stepping or baby-skating…and keep laughing.