snug as bugs

19 12 2008

img_38021One of my favorite new shows to watch on Discovery Channel is Storm Chasers – (thank you Best Boy).  These guys just love getting in their vehicles and hope against hope that they find themselves in the middle of some exciting stuff.  I like watching it on TV but I don’t like living it.

The other day I did some math.  I took the months December through March when the weather between here and Indiana can be most treacherous. Figuring a minimum of four round trips a month which equals eight single “crap shoots” for a total of thirty-two.  Each one that I can tick off my list that is made on dry roads is a victory. I’ll call those wins.  So as it stands right now the score is Wendy – 6 and Bad Roads – 0.

I dodged a huge bullet yesterday.  From what I’d been seeing over the course of the week, I had planned on staying in Indiana Wednesday through Friday morning to be sure there were no complications after the procedure that was done at the audiologist’s office early on Thursday morning. Through the evening on Wednesday there was more and more talk about how bad it was going to get.  So yesterday morning I was at the grocery store at 7 a.m., filling the water softener with salt and some of the other little things on my weekly “to do” list with the exception for my personal goal of a bag a week. There is always next week, right?

I was back on the road by noon yesterday feeling a bit guilty about ditching her so quickly but made it home with absolutely no complications.  Had I stuck to the original plan of driving home this morning, I probably would have slid into Lake Michigan by now.  She has ice and we have snow falling at the rate of 2″ an hour with the threat of totals topping off at a foot.

There is a house wedding happening tomorrow.  Shop Girl has been the co-ordinator and I’ll be staffing the kitchen.  Were it not for that I could have easily been hunkered down in Indiana for extra days with no problem.  But for now we are each in our respective homes – snug as bugs in a rug.  And very grateful for technology.  Where would I be without and ?