the perfect storm

6 04 2010

When it’s 10 a.m. and looks like it could be 10 p.m., the dog is in her kennel taking refuge from the rumbling thunder and I’m back on the couch after awakening at 5 a.m…this looks like the perfect storm.  In a good way!

Thunderstorms were one of the things I missed the most about the Midwest during our dozen years in Spain.  Not that there aren’t massive rainfalls in certain places but we just happened to live where the thunder and lightening parts were scarce.

I remember being afraid of storms when I was young and Billy telling me to “make no never mind…it’s just the angels bowling.”  Funny how something that can be so unnerving can end up being something you long for…something that brings a weird sense of comfort.  Of course, there are limits to all that if it is accompanied by tornado warnings and wind shears.

But today, in spite of the fact that there isn’t a room in this house that couldn’t use some serious attention, I am going to do like Jesus and take it asleep in the boat.  After all, I think this is my Spring Break with the Dr. on a two-week trek in parts unknown.  I am night hosting Shop Girl and Donny Diva while Book Boy is off to Haiti delivering relief supplies for the next couple of days too.

No more excuses – I’m just gonna recline here some more and listen to the heavenly USBC contestants taking their turns on the lanes.