flutterbies & feathers

26 07 2008

for years his garage was famous. filled to the roof with things someone might need sometime – the door could barely be opened let alone park a car or lawnmower inside. then he retired and she made him clean it out. but every once in a while when no one is watching, i sneak in for treasures yet to be uncovered…i gasp – it’s just where i’d think to put it – next to the oil can and in the plastic tub with the goggles…butterfly wings and feathers. he was saving them for me…just like the dead cardinal he kept for weeks last winter until i could brave the perils of the frozen north to make the trip south…it was carefully laid in a tin box until we could have the wake. all for me because only trinket tinkerers understand.

tin can alley

25 07 2008

Months and months of preparation go into this outing.  In my world we take them to the grocery store where we first bought them and get money back but here they really make you work for it.  So since Heck was a pup each can is washed, the tab saved in another location for the Ronald McDonald House, promply smashed and stored in the garage till the bin is full to overflowing. Then the day arrives and the announcement is proclaimed…we must go to the can place.  There was only one hitch in our plan – he couldn’t remember how to get there.  But I have a crystal ball and google saved the day.  Twisting, turning, down by the cement trucks in a part of town rarely seen by most I surprised him with my magical powers.  A crisp 5 dollar bill and and 2 brand new quarters were his…


breakfast at tiffany’s…almost

24 07 2008

It’s a good day when he gets to have breakfast at George’s. Greek meets grab n’ go. Half order of biscuits and gravy topped with 2 oz. of hot maple syrup. Enough “slopkins” to circle the globe a time or two. But oh…the bounty this pirate man takes. Two or three more mini-cups of maple syrup get stealthily dropped into the empty pop cup as if no one is noticing. Those get put into the fridge at home to become the ultimate topping for “p-buzzes” (Honey Nut Cheerios). It’s hardest to watch him lick out the empty containers with his tongue – I dare say I’m sure I tried along the way somewhere, sometime and can guarantee I got the message that it wasn’t necessary. But the rules have changed. Now what is important is that he took enough breaths to wake up another day, remembered how to put his pants on, and got to have breakfast at George’s at least one more time.

looking out for myself

24 07 2008

No one is keeping track of how many little errands I must run. Most times I just disappear…buy a

bottle of water, drive around the block, it doesn’t matter – I just need the break. As I glanced up I saw myself in the rearview mirror driving the car behind me. Woman: mid-50’s Two passengers: 80 something male – front passengers side. 80 something female – back passengers side.

We had just been out for a scoop of ice cream and to pick up a repaired left hearing aid…where were they going? Did the chauffer live in town? Had she just quit her job to take on this new venture? Was there tension in her shoulders? Did she hope against hope that she’d sleep like a rock very very soon? But most importantly was her heart as happy as mine was knowing I was doing the right thing?