the original man cave

18 09 2008


He was, as we’ve seen in other examples, a man way ahead of the times, not only in fashion but in home decorating as well.  

Last Fall on seeing the latest batch of trinkets he’d amassed,  I mentioned to him that I thought one of the missing elements of his little cabin-like room – dark paneling, a rustic-look wood theme in the furniture and the smallest room in the house-was a moose head.  He laughed and thought that would be a good idea.  So I searched the internet till I found just the one to do the trick.

In the six weeks time between first mentioning it and taking it down to Indiana for the Holidays – he’d forgotten that I’d said I was going to buy it and was a bit shocked when I opened the box.  But he quickly found the perfect place for it to watch over him at night.  And before long those empty antlers became a trophy case for another favorite bobble – old CD’s.  Just like a magpie, he loved shiny things…so he had them hanging in his room, on the kitchen door, on the calendar – anywhere there was an empty spot that needed “prettifying”.

During this last week of Wall Street ups and mostly downs, I’ve been reminded that what he left behind were not the kind of riches we have to contact a broker about – but the kind of riches he left by being the kind of person that brought us so much laughter and love and no “crash” can take that away from us.

So if you have a man cave you’d like to decorate – remember to put a touch of Billy in it and smile.

flutterbies & feathers

26 07 2008

for years his garage was famous. filled to the roof with things someone might need sometime – the door could barely be opened let alone park a car or lawnmower inside. then he retired and she made him clean it out. but every once in a while when no one is watching, i sneak in for treasures yet to be uncovered…i gasp – it’s just where i’d think to put it – next to the oil can and in the plastic tub with the goggles…butterfly wings and feathers. he was saving them for me…just like the dead cardinal he kept for weeks last winter until i could brave the perils of the frozen north to make the trip south…it was carefully laid in a tin box until we could have the wake. all for me because only trinket tinkerers understand.