under the same moon

11 02 2009

dsc_00012You know, don’t you, that I listen to the BBC news feed all night long?  News by osmosis.  There are times that I will stir in the middle of the night and I know it is because I am supposed to hear things before I fall back to sleep.

A world away, under the same moon (different time of day, though) things happen.  Most of what happens is just a sound bite in our ears.  We are preoccupied with our own little universes that make up each day.

Watching Larry King Live last night with the crew of the “Miracle on the Hudson”, I was reminded that we live in a Twitter-type world these days.  Many of the family members of the crew and passengers watched events via live news feeds seconds after they’d been alerted by phone calls or text messages to turn on the tube.

This week, we were separated by only one degree from a family that was living a nightmare as their son (same age as Best Boy) was being held by the Egyptian police.  There is no way I can imagine how they spent those hours waiting for more information with no cameras to give them a peek as to what was going on.

It was enough to know that in the not too distant past, sitting on the shores of the Mediterranean with the juice of the best oranges on the planet dripping from their hands, Shop Girl and this guy had ditched conference meetings to go talk.  It was one of those encounters where not knowing each other well and probably never seeing each other again in their lives – freed them to dream out loud with abandon about their hopes and ambitions.

Then that person’s name is all over the international news.  We’ve had that happen before and it will probably happen again.  Listening to my favorite news talkshows on my daytrip south yesterday I thought – as terrifying as these events have been- I’d rather know these kinds of people in the news than the celebrities making headlines for beating up their girlfriends or swinging steroid enhanced bats for a living.