near miss

24 02 2009

Best Boy has warned me a million times – “go buy yourself an external hard drive and back up your computer.”  Just lazy – just don’t want to spend the cash-just pretending that it is not going to happen again so quickly.

You know that feeling you get when the little voice in your head tells you to do something and you don’t?  When you have a sneaking suspicion that something is going to happen, you know of a way to avert disaster but you ignore the warning?  That voice.

More than anything I get mad at myself.  It’s no one else’s problem – they can’t hear the voices in my head.  I am a lucky girl to live in a city with an Apple Store and in the Apple Store is a Genius Bar.  The wiz kids that work there just face every idiot like me with a smile and comforting words.

I had resigned myself to the fact that if the hard drive had gone the way of all flesh that I was going to have to live with the fact that I had NOT backed up the nearly 3000 pictures I have in my iPhoto library.  Or the random documents that I don’t think are important until I go to look for them and they are gone.  Or the iTunes library that has some of Shop Girl’s music in it.

I was saved by the boys in little bright blue t-shirts that say “not every hero wears a cape”.  Lucky lucky me.  I want to publicly acknowledge my thanks to Best Boy who has taught me that computers are finite and that they fail for no good reason we may ever know in this lifetime or the next.  They are machines that just decide not to work on some days.  You can do all the right things, you can be careful but they still will fail.

But I’m a much happier person than I was all weekend.  I had been prompted to do a routine software update, rebooted and disaster struck.  The Genius boyz said I had a kernel panic.  OMG – a kernel panic.  What does that mean?

There comes a certain attachment to a certain keyboard, the weight of a certain little silver devil parked on my lap…and I felt like I could barely function.  The Mrs. said that my right arm had been cut off.  Sorta felt like that – but I’ve been miraculously healed and I’m grateful to the gods of the interwebs for having mercy on my poor fragile soul.  I am undeserving.

So I’ve been thinking about lost and found today.  Or lost and lost.  Or I shoulda known better.  What is the worst thing you’ve lost…something that you knew you shouldn’t have put in THAT spot…or something lost and found?

img_38152Working at the hotel a few years ago I heard a whopper of a story.  A young intern from Malta had come to work at the hotel and while she was here fell in love with a guy who also works at the hotel.  When her visa expired and her internship was over she headed back to Malta and the paper chase began.

It was a few years by the time all the documents were in order and she could return to the States as a bride with a green card.  Soon after, their little family expanded by one chocolate lab puppy.  Being a puppy, (didn’t I just write about these sorts of things?), he helped himself to anything and everything he could wrap his mouth around.

She had left her new diamond ring right on the nightstand and it was no where to be found.  Assuming that puppy was the culprit, the broken hearted new bride reluctantly told her husband who began the dookey duty search as the vet had instructed.  Days and weeks went by with no luck.  They were afraid that they just might have missed it.

Years went by.  Years!  Another friend from work who had loaned the new bride a paperback book which she had read and returned, decided to re-read said book.  As she pulled it off the shelf and began handling it she realized that it had something inside.  Tucked deep into the pages was a diamond ring. Apparently new bride had forgotten that she’d been reading that night…probably laid the ring on the open book, closed the book but forgot.

So…to our patron saint of lost items…what a busy guy he must be.

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around.
Something has been lost and can not be found.

Yeah, like my operating system!!!!