tissue paper morning

29 06 2010

Chaos is about to ensue.  The landscapers will start today or tomorrow.  The painter is moving his ladder to finish the north side of the second story.  There will be no yard to let the Beast out into for the better part of six weeks till we have grass.  It will need to be watered three times a day.  She will need to be walked a million times a day.  I will need medication every four to six hours for the rest of the summer.

cellar door

9 11 2009


Cellar door.  Cellar door.  Cellar door.

How apropo that  J.R.R. Tolken was the first to draw our attention to the beauty of those two words and how they sound (phonaesthetics).  If he were still alive today, I’d beg him to invent a new word or two in those wonderful fantasy languages he created that combined good phonaesthetics and functionality.

Cellar door.  Cellar door.  Cellar door.  Grandma.  Granny.  It’s the G-R combo that gets me.  My skin doesn’t even crawl as much hearing abuelita.

I am not reacting to the idea – just the sound.  It grates on me.  I fully embrace and am proud of my gray hair and the age it represents. What’s not to love about having enough experience to handle whatever an 8 lb. wonder can throw at me?  I can easily tuck him under my arm and still make lunch.  Changing diapers, regardless of how frightening they may seem…I’ve seen it ALL.  But the name thing?  In our family all the best ones are already taken…these roll easily off the tongue.  Yaya.  Nana.

Shop Girl and I have deliberated long and hard behind closed doors over this one.  It has to sound right.  It has to feel right.  If the Kid could call me Cellar Door – I’d let him.  Fact is, he can’t call me anything at this point.  But we are going with Momo.

It just so happens that one of Shop Girl’s favorite books by Michael Ende is Momo.  Widely read by school children in Europe (wanna get me started again on another rant??), it seems be scarce in these parts.  Maybe that is all part of it too.  There are hundreds of variations and nicknames for my new role…but how many Momo’s do you know?

p.s.  The photo is as close as I could come today for the theme.  Truth is, it’s the door to a lighthouse in Sagres, Portugal (if I remember correctly)…but we can all imagine that somewhere in the world – there might be a cellar door with such a great looking latch, right?

home again, home again, jiggety-jig…

16 11 2008


Four hours a week, traveling back and forth between two places known as “home”,  I get to spend time quietly listening to lots of NPR.  Weekend America is doing a Thanksgiving special about the meaning of home.  It’s gotten me thinking and I sent them an email this morning.  I’m all talked out right now so I thought you’d like to see some pictures of a place we once called “home”.




Pack rats have more fun.

29 10 2008

Yes, the answer to yesterday’s puzzler is right here before your eyes.  What would I do if money were no object?  I would get the right stuff and have fun.  These are old slides I’ve had since, ohhh 20 years or so…sleeping in their little clear plastic pocket beds.  So this morning when I should be doing something really productive before I leave for Indiana, I got distracted.  I had to see what our scanner would do.  Since I’m too impatient to read instructions, I just scanned the negatives, then printed from there then re-scanned the image into my iPhoto.  That is the way a dumb 53 year old rolls when she knows there really is a right way to do things – but there are other ways that get a quick, not-so-perfect task accomplished.

Back in the summer of  1975, my parents gave me a gift that changed my life and I want it back. They bought me a used Beseler Topcon SLR 35mm camera as a birthday gift before I took off on my first trip to Spain. A couple of rolls of film were shot before I left and the rest was learning as I went.  I have some great slides, since back in the day I only shot ASA 64.  And to think that in another couple of years – no one will know what that means.

Anyway, back to my dream world.  Maybe it’s not a dream world but a dream challenge.  There are things I need to do.  Digitizing all my slides (or at least the ones worthy of keeping) is something I want to accomplish.  With the right equipment, knowing what I’m doing and taking my time.  They do me no good wasting away in the bottom of the closet.

And it’s probably time to think about a good digital SLR too.  After the Topcon (you really have to know old time photography to recognize that name), I graduated to a Nikon F3 HP.  I walked into a candy store the other day (actually a camera store and Shop Girl said that it was the first time she’d ever seen me salivate in a store.  She likened it to her walking into a closet stuffed with Marc Jacobs goodies)…and found out that maybe just maybe I can get a digital that all my lenses (the ones with sahara sand deep in their innards – maybe they should be cleaned first) would fit on.

Ok, enough of this fantasy, lotto world garbage.  I really have work to do.  But just posting three old pics…is a big thing for me today.  Now to the business of dust bunnies.