stairway to heaven

8 06 2009

stairway1Notice that the garbage can notes the location.  These have been up and down days.  Emotional roller-coaster days for sure.  Long hours, hard work, tedious work – good work days and bad work days.  Life keeps happening around us even tho we are in this creative bubble.

DSC_0022The phone rings we get news that disturbs.  One of Best Boy’s business partners quite by accident – literally – discovers he has a brain tumor (check out his blog).  It reminds us all that we are living on a faultline.  None of us knows from one day to the next what will come our way.  But we know WHO is in charge.

nitewindowThe sun comes up  – the sun goes down each day has its own trouble – no need to worry about tomorrow’s trouble.  Living in the moment and hanging on for dear life.

even in the rain…

3 06 2009

coreyyardI saw lightening this afternoon and heard thunder.  It’s pouring.  In the last two days I’ve seen more hummingbirds than sparrows.

dirtyguitarLast night, or was it this morning, Evan laid down some killer dirty guitar tracks…think Pulp Fiction.  They say things like that and know what it means.


It helps to have a guitar player / producer / keyboardist / vocalist who has tour tags from opening with the likes of Sheryl Crow and John Mayer helping you out.

micIt’s not about razmataz…it is about ears that hear.  It’s about making audio polaroids that capture just the right mood.  Translating melodies that roll around in her head – making them real…fully clothed and in all their splendor one layer at a time.

oooohstairJust as the homeless that line the streets outside are settling in for another night on their extra firm mattresses…you mic the concrete stairwell knowing that the echo will really echo and not be contrived.

lanight2So for all its flaws, all its raw scars, its sirens, urine and stench…there is a incessant low rumbling hum in LA.  It is energy – a creative energy – like in few places on the planet.  Fourteen hours after we got started, we stumbled out into the darkness and found our way to soft beds…feeling a tad guilty the whole time.

scratch track

2 06 2009

DSC_0002The first day is all about adjustment…like from the roof top of the six story building at the corner of 6th Ave & San Pedro in downtown LA where the studio is…there is plenty to look at.  We are smack dab in the middle of the real Skid Row so there will be more pictures another day of how I pass my time while Shop Girl is doing her thing.

DSC_0065The night before the first session she couldn’t sleep much just hearing the songs in her head and planning things out.  Not at all unlike Best Boy who is back in GR working on a three week reality show project.  We’ve come to understand that getting the first shot off gets him settled in – then his brain starts to unwind ever so slowly.  So in this setting – until the first scratch tracks are done, she couldn’t really settle in and get started.  It was a good day.  Sleepy vocals that are keepers.


There is always beauty to be found in these old warehouse converted loft studios.  The initial impression in the glaring light of day softens as moods are set as well as levels on a sound board.  But just like the magic of Hollywood looks so different from the inside out – this process is nothing like the final outcome.  It sounds effortless and simple but is the result of hours and hours of repeating things over and over again.

DSC_0085So day one is behind us and there are  9 more to go for this round.  When I woke up at 3 a.m. Cali time, then at 4 a.m. Cali time and at 5 a.m. Cali there was no lack of music and lyrics in my head.  So goes the process.  Looking forward to the magic that will unexpectedly happen today.  As long as she has been doing this and I have seen the inside of a half dozen studios with her, I have NEVER been in one that doesn’t have an old leather couch.  My process today will be a nap.