labor of love

6 12 2008


The excited Facebook status update of a friend in Madrid reminded me that this is a long holiday weekend there.  And the weekend that all the Christmas lights strung over the city streets will be in place.  Plaza Mayor will have all the puestos (little shack-like stands) overflowing with decorations.  This is the weekend to start decorating.  Do you know where your zambomba is?

Because we celebrate Three Kings Day (January 6th),  the tree stays up till then.  So today, inspite of the Alberta Clipper bearing down on us with wind chills around 13º (btw that is -10ºcelsius) with more lake effect snow in its choppers, I will go to the farmer’s market around the corner.  I will find a tree.  I will go to the basement and dig out the lights that probably don’t work.  

We were at some friends’ house the other night and their house is all sparkley and soft and it got the Dr. all wistful.  So in honor of Christmases more magical, I will decorate.   Things don’t feel right this year.  But maybe that is the point.  Twinkle lights might change the course of history.  With all the water to splash in and things to knock off the branches to play hockey with,  it will be a big treat for mouser.