nothin’ to do but frown…

13 04 2009

img_3269I know the photo is out of focus but considering today that fits just fine.  Here we are in mid-April and they are still saying the word snow.  The sky today was like a continuous sheet of galvanized steel.  I got things done – like a vile trip to Costco and one to the “normal” grocery store.  Neither place is a fav by any means.

But my head is elsewhere.  I’m stuck in the realm of “how will I ever…?”.  When I can’t see the sun, my soul gets claustrophobic and my mind only spins around the seemingly impossible – a list of all the things that have to get done, that I don’t know how will get done – the things I’d rather be doing and don’t have any money to do them.

Is it because it is tax week?  In the world of the self-employed, you may be your own boss but you will never again see the box labeled “refund” filled with any numbers. Well, I could drive myself crazy trying to figure out what it is all about when I know better. It will go away.  I will feel good about life another day.  The planets will align again.  

Part of all this has to do with a leaky basement.  While I was at the Mrs.’s place on Saturday, a group of good samaritans from her church came over to do some yard work.  My job was to keep her corralled inside so they could get at the business at hand.  When the guy heading up the crew popped his head inside the house to say they were ready to get at it,  he looked at me funny, cocked his head and said, “I smell mold.  Show me where it is…I’m a general contractor.” – I knew we were in for it.

A quick jaunt to the subterranean level was all he needed…and he agreed with me that it may be beyond her means to do anything about at this point.  The next two days my brain has been on overload of what – could, couldn’t, should, shouldn’t -be done and how.  

I want to flood the basement with bleach and run one of those massive gas-fired car wash dryers that just about sucks the windshield off your car- till all the mold and mildew is gone.  But first I need a gift certificate for $1000 to 1-800-Got-Junk? Maybe I’ll work at setting up a pay-pal account for this blog where you can donate…

When I went to YouTube to find the song I was thinking about to end all this…I immediately started to feel better.  In the last 38 years I’d like to think that music has gotten better – fashion has gotten better – but maybe it is just that age old trick of comparing things to something worse so I don’t feel as bad.  Karen Carpenter was never Neil Young.  And to think this song was #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 after its release this week back in 1971.  No wonder we did so many drugs!