hooray for hollyhood

16 10 2008

It was hours before dawn when my alarm sounded. Quickly swallowing two café con leches, I was headed to the grocery store 10 minutes after they opened. There wasn’t enough milk for all the coffee everyone was going to need today. Next, I was off to Shop Girl’s place to load the car with enough black pants, skirts and sweaters and white collared shirts to clothe an entire choral group…but she needed plenty of options for the twenty teens that were to be glued to desk chairs for the 10 hour work day.

We were some of the first ones at the location and it’s a good thing because before long the hallway was littered with film boxes, camera carts, screens and other gear particular to the likes of these guys. Soon after we rolled in the rack of clothes and got organized, the “talent” (kids that had to look like they were in school even though they were skipping school to be in a movie…talk about karma) started showing up. Fortunately, most had enough of their own clothes to look the part of uniformed “prisoners”. Luckily having done her homework, Shop Girl had extra things for needed fill-ins. Before we knew it they were calling “quiet on the set”…and we were rolling. Literally…

Next on the agenda was to return all the various and sundry black and white designs that we wouldn’t need for the next two days. Yes, the return desk at Target looks a little wonky-eyed at Shop Girl when she comes back two days after buying dozens of options to return all but a few. Her credit card company even called to ask if someone had stolen her card there were so many random charges on it these last few days.

It’s the magic of hollyhood. Once we returned that stash, we were off to buy more wardrobe options from Goodwill and Salvation Army for the next two day’s worth of shooting. The fittings are tomorrow evening so what doesn’t work then will be returned by Saturday morning. Get it? This is just too fun.

One thing is for sure – we will all sleep better tonight. The night before shooting starts is a no-sleeper in our house – too many things whiring around in the head of Best Boy…too much wondering if Shop Girl got all the right sizes…and for me the only excuse is it was a full moon and I never sleep during those. But tonight – once the first shots are “in the can” – everyone will rest easier. By the time we repeat this pattern for 7 days in a row of 10-12 hour days on set and 4-6 hours of prep work…it’s no wonder why Hollywood types are so whack.