Pass me that baby

22 11 2009

Shop Girl, yours is the first hand he grasped.  Yours is the touch that calms. You will turn around twice and another hand, another heart will finish what you started.  Mothers of sons must learn to share.

Mimi will arrive on the red-eye.  Best Boy has been here for three days but isn’t all here without her.  I like that.  This isn’t home for him anymore.  She is.  And when I really see that and celebrate that, it helps me in my current struggle.

I want to gather MY kids and the ones they love, pull closed the shutters and revel in these few short hours we’ll have together in one place.  Stupid me.  Our table, now complete, includes two other people who have mothers – who feel the same pull I do.

Selfishness wells up in me and I am torn at having other responsibilities, other gatherings to attend, other people to include who desire our company.  Shame-shame-shame on me.

Now quit hogging that baby and pass me Donny Diva.