what hurts worse than a root canal?

20 05 2009

DSC_0026It is all about perspective.  Before 9 a.m. two Mondays in a row, I found myself with innumerable items jammed into my mouth and held captive for an hour and a half of torture.  I take the gas.  Strap me down, knock me out and get it over with already!

Some things are just a momentary pain…then there is THE TOOL BENCH.  I spent the days I wasn’t here just strategizing.  How to sort, where to sort, when to sort.  Tools will be gifted or donated.  But there is lots of other stuff that isn’t worth the hassle.  Today I took a trip down to the metal recyclers to get some tips.  Remember Billy showed me the way last summer.

So with magnet in hand – I dump out jars of nails, bags of doodads, boxes of godknowswhat and what sticks to the magnet – goes in one bin, things that don’t: go to the other.  I worked for about an hour then drove back down there to see how I was doing.  $2.43 was my bounty.  I think I am going to save all the money from the project and play it on the Megamillions  – with my special series of Billy numbers.  To the victor go the spoils!


channeling my domestic goddess

21 04 2009

cavalliJust a Tuesday with a bagazillion things to do before I go to the dentist this afternoon – then leave town tomorrow for at least an overnight.  Magically, a rather routine dreary, drippy day was transformed.  It started with getting to iron some hand-painted Roberto Cavalli artwork.

towelsSo inspired was I, that I took the time to fold my old towels the Martha Stewart way.  I feel so proud – so sophisticated.

DSC_0011I looked down after grabbing one rug to throw into the washer and replaced it with its almost twin and stopped just for a second to admire this little gem from Algeria that keeps my toes warm each morning.

DSC_0034It’s that time of year to give my pretty little perfume bottles from Egypt,  quietly perched atop the door frame, a bath.


Then just because I could, I paused, turned out the light in the bathroom and lit the candles – the votive holder was a gift from Shop Girl when she was all of 13 I think and on a field trip to Chicago with her French Class.  It has always been a fav.  The pitcher behind it –  a little treasure from Morocco.

All I was doing was ironing and needed more water to fill the iron.  I walked into the bathroom and stopped long enough to admire things I look at more than once a day and never stop to “see”.

Our bathroom is on that never ending “Money Pit” wish list for a major makeover.  Who knows then my MegaMillions numbers will hit…till then I keep myself pacified with little trinkets that keep my mind off the general sad state of affairs when it comes to the desperate need for gorgeous white subway tiles to line the walls – along with having the tub (probably from the 1920’s because it is NOT a claw foot which would have been original to the house) re-surfaced in an attempt at being green and keeping it out of a landfill somewhere.

DSC_0042Amazing how much ambience can be added by low lighting…you can’t even see the mold!  What a great day this is turning out to be!!!