familial jet lag and a new kind of fiber

19 02 2009

img_30362It’s 2:30 a.m.  I went to bed as soon as “Lost” was finished with another episode of its “Lostiness” as Best Boy calls it.  The Dr. had beat me to the punch by a mere 15 minutes but he was already gone.

After three weeks in time zones on the other side of the globe, sleep is a very delicate thing.  They say it takes a day per hour of change if you spend more than a few days anywhere to re-adjust back to your normal sleep pattern.  Thus, I have a hard time sleeping when he first gets home because I’m afraid that I’ll wake him up with the slightest movement.  Even though I was good and tired having not slept well last night, I laid there awake for almost an hour before the four-legged started barking.

The winds are strong tonight and that could be reason enough for her to prefer kenneling in the basement.  That wasn’t the issue.  She had wild eyes and was almost talking to me by the time I got down the stairs.  She had to go out.

I caught her snacking on tinfoil nabbed from the garbage can a few days ago.  Out she goes into a howling storm in a desperate attempt to find enough vegetation under the snow to graze on, attempting to soothe her insides.  What goes in must come out. It looks like someone has Bedazzeled her poop.  The glints and glitters are illuminated by the flood light shining into the back yard.  Why are dogs so dumb?

Once she’s back inside after “dumping out” (I liked “John from Cincinnati“), she does find her way to the kennel cave.  But I’m wide awake and I don’t dare climb the stairs again to find my nice warm bed.  The Dr. is on the road again tomorrow for a weekend trip and he deserves any attempt at decent sleep.

So I wander the vast internets and make some amazing new discoveries (Sweet Juniper!). About the time I quit this foolishness, the Dr. will be on his way down the stairs to make his morning coffee.  Thus bringing me back to what I do when he is gone – I’ll probably be asleep on the couch for the next 48 hours.

I wonder too, if I’m not sleeping because my progeny are in very labor intensive creative pursuits this week.  It isn’t easy to sleep through the birthing process and I become very aware when they are in production mode with real live deadlines that have dollar signs attached to them.  I know we are strangely connected that way – more than “normal” families.  Something I know but can’t explain and don’t talk about much for fear of sounding like a total freak.  But there I’ve said it. Celtic blood runs deep.

I guess none of us are much different than Stupid Dog.  We just have to wait for the passage of time and things to work through our systems…jet lag, tinfoil or the creative process.  Some things just can’t be dumped out on demand.