how to restore your soul

12 12 2008


The chandelier above our heads was all dressed up for the Holidays. Nestled in a cozy foyer next to the fireplace, they’d arranged a table.  It was time for the six of us to catch up.  Our lives are busy with international travel, aging parents, kids who are fighting for their lives professionally and personally – just the stuff of life.  We’ve walked through the Sahara desert together both literally and figuratively.



We brought the world to the table – wines from South Africa, Germany and Spain and cheeses to go with.  Wafer thin sliced chorizo, chunks of italian salami, sausage wrapped in herbs of Provence. Olives and hummus. Mandarin oranges and flaky sweet morsels loaded with honey and pistasios from the Middle East.

Sharing laughter and love as warm as the fire.   Thanks, I needed that.