17 12 2008

img_38091Oh, my generational age is starting to show.  Working at the hotel it was always confusing to me when people had to cross-train.  That just seemed to me a recipe for disaster – the more you know how to do, the more THE MAN will make you do and not pay you any more for it.  I understand the reasoning it just all seemed shady to me.  I’m even befuddled by the divisions of labor in young couples these days.  It was easy to spot the great divide when we looked back over our shoulders and viewed our parents.

As a young married (30 years ago!) I was incensed when I’d hear a man (let’s call him “everyman”) ask a woman to take five steps into the kitchen and refill his coffee cup. He had no handicap save his view of what was “her” job and what was “his”.  So lines were drawn in the sand early on and the people around me knew what could and couldn’t be expected.

When the Best Boy and Shop Girl were babies (they just fall short of being Irish Twins) I didn’t get much sleep.  If it wasn’t one thing – it was another. Part of our family lore quote bible was uttered during these years.  As I was getting up for the umpteenth time one night, the Dr. rolled over and still half asleep uttered the famous words, “This isn’t right!”  And in case you are wondering if he meant – that it wasn’t right that I had to get out of bed to attend to the kids – the answer is no.  It wasn’t right that someone (who shall remain nameless) was awake and woke us up as a by-product.

Twenty-five winter solstices have come and gone but the words still ring out in our home. Our tri-colored daughter and gray mouser have been having a hard time of it of late. They have been “crying out” at around 3 a.m.  There is no rhyme or reason. Unless the mice in the house are teasing them mercilessly.

I can make the last let-out happen at 11 p.m. and surely that should last till 6 a.m. But for now – it’s not working.  Feeding them in the early evening instead of late afternoon…no matter the change up of strategy – it’s not working.  So there was a threat last night about who was going to get up with the animals and it got me thinking.  This is actually payback for all the years I got up – now it’s his turn.  I just lay there all warm and snuggled – pretend snoring.  Suddenly she is his dog.