note to self…

5 07 2009

bla1So now that it is after 1 a.m. and the date is actually the 5th (what I should be drinking) of July, I’m going on record that today was NOT the best of days.

Actually as far as that goes, it’s been a rough week for the Bear.  Early last week I was pretty convinced that I’d come back from the “southern” portion of my chore list and find her gone.  Not like taking a vacation but like joining Billy for a long walk in the clouds.  She had come in from outside one morning and let out a couple of uncharacteristic yips that caught our attention.  As the next two days progressed she barely moved – unless of course her leash was lowered from the peg where it hangs then suddenly it was if nothing was wrong.

I was wracking my brain for some signs that I’d been missing about her general health.  Could it be arthritis?  How could she have gone down hill so quickly with no signs.  I remembered giving her the monthly heartworm meds and flea prevention but she’d been on those all her life and never seemed to cause any problems.

As I was out hanging laundry on the deck the other day, I looked over and noticed her ID tag that hangs on a little ring along with her rabies tag and license – I went to pick it up and found that it was so jammed into the slats between the deck flooring that I couldn’t get it out.  It took two of us, two screwdrivers (not the kind you drink) and a good yank to get it loose.  I think maybe she’d been laying down – it got stuck – and she pulled herself loose and almost broke her neck in the meantime.

Two days later – she’s been acting just fine…until the stupidiest day of the year.  Yeah yeah yeah – I know, leave me all the comments you want but explain to me what in God’s green earth do fireworks have to do with Independence Day?

This morning on Facebook there were a number of comments about upset canine friends and I snarkily stated that MY dog just quietly asked to go to her kennel in the basement and would be there without a problem for the duration.  What a stupid thing to say.

I decided to let her out before going to bed.  Afterall, the worst of it all was over.  We live close enough to downtown that we feel all the big displays rattle the house.  It is also true that we live in a neighborhood that is particularly fond of this holiday and it seems to me that many households spend a good deal of money on fireworks.

As I opened the basement door, I had a horrible realization.  This year was NOT like every other year.  She had done everything she could have done in her KENNEL – and was sitting there looking terrified.  After cleaning up THAT mess and making her stay in the kitchen – I thought it was over.

No…at least two more messes requiring the laundering of rugs later…I am typing this.  Tell me that the fun is over??  Tell me that people will stop lighting firecrackers at 2 a.m. for no good reason??

Next year – if Old Dog is still around – I am going to set a calendar alarm for the 4th and set her up at one of the Doggy DayCare / Hotel deals and let them clean up the mess.