long journeys

12 09 2009


It is 6 a.m. and I’m getting ready to go to Baby School in a few hours.  We’ll talk about that tomorrow.  Meanwhile I’m listening to some mixes for one of the projects that should available for sale soon after the Awaited makes the big entrance.  Clearly we don’t have enough to do – so Shop Girl has tackled two music production projects to pass the time.

Something else came up yesterday to remind me of the combined journey of Best Boy and Shop Girl this last 9 years or so.  Dreams of frustrated college freshman took a few years to materialize but Dot&Cross is making magic in LA right now with the likes of Francis Chan.  The journey has been a wild ride to say the least.  But they won’t go down without a fight or trying to make a difference in their world even if they die trying.

Best Boy and Shop Girl have quit a million times – winded from the long haul…then something happens.  There is another ray of hope, another light, another tunnel and off they go.  Get up and shake it off one more time.  One more project, one more concept, then scripts, storyboards, sets, shoots and soundtracks.

Ten songs – audio soundscapes that give yet another dimension to Noomas 015-024…other paths representing hundreds of hours of time investment.  Not unlike the whole gestation process – it is alot of work done in secret before the rest of the world gets to share in the joy.

This is our journey – not like anyone else’s.  I stand in awe of the things these two have helped create and glad to be along for the ride – wherever it takes us.

if tiger was a friend of billy’s…

27 02 2009

img_3812Now that the snow has been melted by the rain (even tho there is more in the forecast for the next few days – we don’t think it will be much) Michigan golfers will start to get the early itch.  Just seeing grass makes them froth at the mouth.  It will just take a few warm days and some sunshine taking the squish out of the step – and before you know it, they’ll be back on the links.

I heard the Golf Channel commentary coming out of the Dr.’s sanctuary. I poked my head in. “Tiger’s back!”,  he sighed.  The perfect back drop to working and dreaming at the same time.

And just to show that the golf ghosts are once again stirring – yesterday one of the two sets of clubs that are in hibernation on our basement stairs landing – toppled over into the kitty litter (busting the box I might add).  They are alive! Soon, oh so soon, office hours will be shortened and important “meetings” on the course will begin – especially for Best Boy and the DotCross hooligans.

Nestled behind the bags are a couple of plastic food containers filled with golf balls. Billy’s eternal gift to any and all golfers he knew. Back in the day when we was still driving, he’d disappear from the house for a few hours and go park his car on the road that runs alongside a few of holes of the country club.  Off on his hunt he’d go, collecting stray golf balls to give to his friends.  He always had that in mind when he’d squirrel away suitable recyclable containers for gift presentation.

There is still a back stash in the basement at his house and I’m thinking maybe I’ll just let you bid for them…

talkin’ turkey

26 11 2008

Somehow I’ve always related Thanksgiving with a time that I do a year-in-review.  Maybe it is to prepare me for those unexpected “let’s share around the table something you’re thankful for…” situations I so often find myself in.  I know it makes more sense at the turn of the new year but I can no longer account for how my brain works or doesn’t for that matter.

This has been one busy year…but don’t I feel like that every year?  All I had to do was to go back through my iPhoto library and email account to see what has been going on in the previous dozen months to remember.  Alot has gone down – some good, some not so good, some hopeful and some really depressing.  It really is easy to get sidetracked and just focus on present circumstances (like the call 10 minutes ago from the car repair shop advising of a $1000 fix). That is not a place for my creative brain to dwell if I need energy.  

So where have we been…what makes me hopeful…what am I thankful for – even if it is being thankful just to be done with something:

A magical night when the gypsies came to sing.




The hope of a movie to make and options on book rights secured…even if there is no money in sight yet.  Just the dreams can be enough. ‘Coz that’s what Dot&Cross boys have taught us to do.


A relatively quick and “easy” time at hospice.


Uncertain days ahead but certain of the task at hand.


Hundreds of thousands of miles traveled across some of the most dangerous places on the planet and safe returns with pretty little baubles in hand.




Not more than four visits to the hospital..maybe a couple more between all of us…but none that kept us there days and days.

Shadows that aren’t scary.



Lots of songs and movies “in the can”.


Very unsexy but necessary house repairs on a foursquare built in 1905.


Days that Bella gets a bath.


And the courage to jump into the raging river of the internet in my own little lifeboat called “1eyedmonkee”. 

For these few things I’m grateful and for the ones who share the journey holding me up.  There are a million more things I’ve failed to mention…but what will I blog about for the days and minutes to come if I tell you everything right now?