Gentlemen, start your engines!

9 02 2009

dsc_00057We hadn’t been married but about five years when the Good Dr. began his post-graduate studies that happened to be at a stateside university some 3,000 miles away. It worked out best with all aspects of life for him to pack his bags and hit the road for sometimes six weeks.  He could totally give himself to his studies, finish up projects and shop for the million things on our wish lists before coming home with suitcases full of peanut butter and certain cereals we couldn’t get in Spain at the time.

Meanwhile, I was home with the kiddos.  We would do all kinds of special things in his absence to try to keep our minds off the fact that he was so far away and working his gray matter in such an intensive way.  We felt like it was our duty to not complain about his leaving…our small contribution to helping him get through those extra years of book learnin’.

I remember being terrified the first times he was gone.  I was in a foreign country and not totally savvy about banking, legal matters or even driving for that matter.  But with each summer “adventure”, I got more confident and quit fretting so much. Little did we know at that point in our journey that we were being prepared for a lifetime of these kinds of absences.

One of the wonderfully bad habits we (the three left behind) got into was making these times a different kind of “vacation”.  I don’t need much encouragement to chill. Given a choice of things I “should” do but don’t “have” to do…I do nothing!!!  I am a totally undisciplined slob.

Now – none of this is intended as a negative reflection on the Dr.  Our ying and the yang is that he brings order and structure to my chaos…and I bring him a huge dose of spontaneity.  Can you read the understatement???  He really has had to put up with alot of packratedness in these 11,000 plus days with me.  Me – the Queen of Clutter.

I am within hours of crossing the 48 hour mark until I pick him up at the airport. Mad dash time.  I don’t know what the psychological deficiencies are in my character that make me this way…but here I am.  I put the PRO in procrastination.

Tomorrow I will be daytripping south to make arrangements to replace a storm door that got ripped off its hinges during a snow storm that dumped 24″ on a few square miles. How lucky am I?  That door was just replaced a little over a year ago.  The weather is supposed to be in the 60ºs so a good driving day.

And the next – thunderstorms.  What’s better to do on a stormy day than to clean like a mad woman?  I will double dare my Dyson to clog!