He’s doing the Monkey…

23 12 2008


Don’t ask me how my brain works.  

Don’t ask me how I connect two random thoughts.  Sometimes it just happens.  

Back in the darkest days of the summer when one life was being wrapped up, another life was just being unwrapped.  It is no surprise to me that months before any of this happened, the expectant Farmer’s Wife had decided to decorate the baby’s room with a theme around old antique toys.  

During one of the last forays into his favorite resale shop, Billy found a little John Deere tractor that had to go to the farm in Pennsylvania for Big Farm Boy’s collection of yellow and green goodies.  Papa (that’s what my kids called Billy) didn’t know yet that his fourth great grandchild was a boy.  We’d get that happy news just weeks before he took off and left us all behind.

The light in that dark tunnel of death was the truth that life keeps going.  Some die – some are born.  Even at the funeral we could hold that month old bundle and be reminded that it wasn’t over… 

The clapping monkey was Billy’s favorite toy.  There wasn’t a grandchild in the bunch that doesn’t have memories – some perhaps rather traumatizing – but memories nonetheless of the joy he’d get at firing that puppy up to clap and grin.

It made perfect sense that the one who was the last to join the bunch during the sad time, should be the one to carry on with the monkey – giving it a new home along side the other antique toys decorating his nursery. 

We got pictures the other day of the two of them together and there is a strange resemblance.  James Brown’s song is about an old man that wasn’t afraid to get out on the dance floor and have fun…just like that Papa we said good bye to few months ago.  So here’s a shout out to Billy from James Brown himself recorded just about the time the monkey was made…please listen.of505903914