grady baby

31 07 2008

Oh you sweet thing. I just wanted to welcome you to our part of the universe and let you know that I have you in mind alot when I write about your great-grandfather. And I was realizing that you two really have alot in common – even with 85 years 9 months and 20 some odd days difference in your ages.

You both have a tough time sleeping through the night. It is rough for you both expressing exactly what it is that you’re trying to get across which leads us caregivers to guessing games to get you settled down. Naps can be only minutes long – do you sense that we are sneaking off to catch a nap too because we’re exhausted? Or when you sleep too long and everyone in the house gets really nervous and huddles over you to see if you’re breathing.

Actually the list is quite long but I’ll stop with the one I thought of today – you had the same thing for lunch…just out of different containers. Papa doesn’t feel like eating anything much these days…but he will drink a glass of milk.

So maybe Elton John knew what he was talking about when he wrote “The Circle of Life”…but why do so few people my age have the tenderness, patience, awe and wonder around their bubbes as they do for their grand-babies? Don’t they know they are next in line to be the old ones no one likes to be around? Too many times I see bubbes being bossed around by know-it-all-loud-mouth-laundromat-type-moms – screaming their heads off and embarrassing everyone around them. Well enough of that…

Oh and one last thing – when your grandma was a little girl and I was her new babysister there were guys that would come around in trucks every morning and deliver glass bottles of milk to our house. They were called milkmen and our’s was named Grady. What a coinkydink! I really liked him and I think I’ll really like you too. So welcome little Grady baby – we’ve been waiting a long time to meet you and we’re glad you’re here!