Ground control to Major Tom

21 07 2009


Forty years.  Count them…4 – 0.  If Best Boy hadn’t been glued to the Science Channel these days and asking me what I remember from the first moon landing when I was a day short of 14 years old, I’m not sure I would have remembered the exact dates off the top of my head.  I take that back.  I remember getting a charm for my charm bracelet that commemorated the event.  I knew it was around my bday but I wouldn’t have remembered the year.

Does this kiddo that Shop Girl outfitted for a film project last year have any idea how things will spin out for him in the next 40 years?  I sure couldn’t have predicted 1/100th of what has happened in last 480 months.

At one point, I was sure I was going to be a Physical Therapist.  The closest I got to that was sitting in countless sessions interrupting for Hispanic patients and their families.  Does that count?  I did learn a thing or two.

By the time I finished college, I thought that if I hadn’t written my first book  by the age of 25,  I’d be all washed up.  So I must be washed up because all I’ve got is about 20 years worth of journals and a blog that will be a year old in a few days.

I guess I saw myself married but the most unlikely pairing of a wild child and a missionary kid is hardly what people were betting on.  Two kids, a dog, a cat and a house…and 31 years later and the Dr. is still hangin’ in there.  Poor guy.

Even in my late 20’s when we moved to Spain, we knew that wouldn’t be forever…but we had no idea of what the “ever after” looked like.

I hardly doubt that I have another 40 to go – although the Mrs.’ dad was past 90 when he died.  Suppose I do make it till 2035…my goals have changed some.  All I want to do before then is to clean out my own basement.

Ground Control to Major Tom

Commencing countdown.

Engines on,

Check ignitions,

And may God’s love be with you.

(here’s David Bowie’s original 1969 video.)