craigslist baby!

2 07 2009

cl1I posted it once…got a couple of nibbles that never amounted to much.  After coming back from LA, I decided to try another tack – listing it under “kids & baby”.  Someone was interested.  I didn’t involve the Mrs. too much in the whole process knowing I’d have my hands full if someone actually wanted it.

Young couple – moving from Alaska, vacationing in New York, settling in NWIndiana.  A tad random but OK.  They came to see it and said they’d be by the next day with the brother-in-law’s truck.  She was a tiny thing expecting her second baby seven weeks from now.  They left and I wondered.

I didn’t push them for details or committments.  If they came – they came.  I didn’t even want to trouble myself cleaning out the rest of the drawers till almost time for them to show.  I was a doubter.

Past time for them to show up and I still had a two hour drive ahead of me, I was decidedly antsy.  The scenario I played out in my head was that they were evil scammers.  They’d show up an hour after I’d left – the Mrs. wouldn’t know what to do.  They’d bonk her on the head and empty out the house.  Or they’d load up the furniture telling her they had already paid me.  Or they’d hand her a fake check. Or they’d be axe murderers.

Twenty minutes before my self-imposed deadline, I called their cell phone three times – no answer, which confirmed my suspicions – left one message, “Hey, are you coming?  Did you decide to not take it?  Are you coming after I leave to prey on an old lady?  Are you con artists?  What gives?”  That wasn’t exactly the message but that was what was rolling around in my head.  After I’d rehearsed the spiel with the Mrs. … “if they come, tell them that they can only deal with me…blahdy, blah…” I needed to get on my way.

Suddenly, the door bell rang.  There was Young Dad with brother-in-law and pick up truck.  We strategize the move and begin.  I finally found Billy’s glasses.  Of course they were under the bed – jammed between the frame where the trundle slides under.

The Mrs. wanted to be sure to tell Young Dad that thousands of Lost Boys had slept in the bed…all her foster children.  “No Mom, this was purchased in the late 70’s and only two strays used it”.  Retrieving other goodies that had slid out of drawers into the cavernous box of the desk and dresser – I made sure everything was out.

When Young Dad got ready to pay me, I cut the price another $50 after seeing how the trundle had been jimmy-rigged over the years…but the rest was in great condition – having been set in that room about 30 years ago and never moved.  Besides you can’t even buy furniture made of real wood any more without spending an arm and a leg.

I’m quite sure I sold it for more than Billy and Mrs. ever paid for it in the first place.  A desk, a chair, a dresser and a trundle bed.  It was a fair deal.  I may be on to something here.  Frankly, I’m glad to be done with one more reminder of the battle of last summer…or as Billy used to say, “Good riddance to bad rubbish!”