“82-year-old Valparaiso Widow First to Sprout Eco-friendly Green Roof”

25 06 2009

groofAnd here I think that when I’m not around, she is just sitting in her recliner working word puzzles!!  As I came back from buying 30 lbs. of bird seed, 80 lbs. water softener salt and bunion pads – I noticed something startling.

I had no idea she had been doing research about eco-friendly options for roofs – planting gardens in her gutters.  It was only 90ºs at 8:30 a.m. so I wanted to get a closer look before it really got hot.

Finding the most ridiculous aluminum ladder I could drag out of the garage, I nimbly  got up to where I could inspect the handiwork.  She’d been saying the gutters needed to be cleaned out!  While I was in such a heightened state of heat stroke – I decided to trim an overgrown bush while there.

Naturally, the only thing I could find that resembled hedge clippers was a pair of 200 lb. 80 year old overgrown scissors.  I think I could have chewed the clippings off faster.

Fully enjoying the delirium of dehydration, I decided that nothing would get done in the basement this time around.  I had done enough penance.  I don’t do yards!!!

Time to head home – but not till after we finished the weekly round of two anniversary cards, a thank you card to the guy that graciously mows the lawn each week on a robo-mower, and one last card to encourage the wife of Billy’s best bowling bud who has traveled lots farther down the Alzheimer’s road-of-no-return than Billy ever had to walk.   Those got put in the mail – I stopped and got her something to eat and now it’s time to go.

She didn’t sleep well last night.  So she’s snoozing in the chair – the puzzle book page partially done on her lap.

It’s really hard work being so inovative at her age with that green roof top garden and all…