runway blues

17 06 2009


Hovering above the tarmac in my uncomfortable seat, I can see each crack.  Signage seems easy enough to follow.  Double yellow lane lines have their meaning.  Orange vested people wave their arms to further direct. If I had to walk out of here – I see my first major hurdle would be the mountains just in the distance.


Only a minute or two later, gathered speed lifts me to another vista.  The stables where Shop Girl used to take riding lessons.  Still recognizable – I can trace the roads and turns I’d take to get her there.

Before long, things blur – get tinier and tinier -when they are really getting bigger and bigger.  A different patchwork comes into view.  If my directional sense is intact – I can still identify which roads lead where.


Within another blink of an eye, I can see a larger picture.


I need that today.  If feel like I am staring at the weeds between the cracks of the runway.  I know there is a bigger picture – a greater design…and some altitude would be helpful to see where these roads really end up.