and the beat goes on…

10 06 2009


Guerrilla record making.  Have friends who’s friends owe them favors.  Hire one of the best drummers in LA for the price of 2 Mountain Dews and a lunch from California Pizza Kitchen.  Gerry Porter laid down drum tracks for six songs- maybe two takes each-like it was nothing.

michaelIt never hurts when said drummer is childhood friends, harkening back to days in Cleveland, with a sound engineer wizard who runs Blacksound Studios-a perfectly vibey place with a throw back to the 70’s.  Michael Parnin  welcomed three strangers into his space and we left on speaking terms.  So much so that we are going back for him to do final magic before we head to the airport tomorrow morning at 6 a.m.


After a few hours in the studio – the boyz blow off some steam shootin’ hoops.

We know we’ll have some culture shock going back to MI now that we are fully entrenched and on a rockstar schedule.  Noon is the new 7 a.m. – warmed up to do first vocals no sooner than 3 p.m. (like just getting started on your work day) – our breakfast / brunch / lunch is your dinner.  There was a band coming into the house we are staying at in “the Valley” at 10:30 p.m. just getting started on some work.  We are officially screwed for re-entry into the real world.


My job while we’ve been here has been simple…keep the receipts and keep the food available at all times for when the preggers “talent” looks like she is flagging.  It’s been an adventure of the best kind.  The stories we’ll have to tell baby of its time on Skid Row…