simmer down…

6 06 2009

runawayThere is a scene in Runaway Bride where Julia Roberts is dressed to walk down the aisle yet again – starts to hyperventilate – and stands in front of an oscillating fan.  Shop Girl’s take on that was after being in the iso (isolation) booth which we call the Womb as it is a tiny, very cushy box for vocals and guitar tracks…but no ventilation.

So after an hour of tracking guitar and vocals and being extremely frustrated – she decided to listen to the demo and realized that she was playing in the wrong key.  Thank God for the fan – a computer – a demo and some brains.  We got a good laugh out of it.  Naturally she nailed the vocals when they were connecting with her brain…

palmDriving back to our digs that evening we did one of the ultimate tests of good sound recordings…cranking them up on a car stereo.  We took notes and knew what had to be fixed the next day.  But it was a moment in that magical light – to feel so good.

crosslaAnd is just like every production story…the next morning it all went south.  Our dongle went dumb.  No more Logic.  This is techy speak for OHMYGODWHATDOYOUMEANWECANNOTACCESSALLTHEWORKWEHAVEDONE!

angleBegging the studio angel of music mercy to have compassion on our lowly estate, she smiled on us and all “seems” well.  We borrowed a dongle and press on!



One response

8 06 2009

Pero que guapa está Shop girl!! Queremos mas fotos!! 🙂 espero que la grabación haya ido bien. un beso muy gordo

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