sometimes cowgirls…

4 03 2009

dsc_0006I cannot plan ahead for hair appointments or grooming for the dog for that matter. In the fullness of time – I wait till the last minute and am always surprised that things are booked out weeks in advance.  So, it is panic time for me, the Mrs. and the dog who stinks but is going to be ignored a while longer.

Like I’ve dialed up the winning lotto numbers, I find there has been a 2 p.m. cancellation – can I make it?  Of course!  The words on the salon wall make me laugh – these places always make me laugh.  I am NOT a girlie girl – but you probably knew that.  All the ambience is lost on me.  Maybe next time I’ll just make an appointment for myself at the kennel.  dsc_00054

Not only was I trying to get my own mane in order but I wanted the Mrs. to be properly coiffed before her trek South next week. It gets a bit more complicated with her since driving to and from an appointment where any pressure has been put on her neck with a shampoo bowl, comb outs, tugging and rolling can put her into a tail spin thanks to the delicate nature of the tangle of nerves and bones and narrowing of the spinal cord.  So I needed to be there.

There were no appointments to be had in the time frame that worked.  I remembered another girl from their church who has a salon.  On the off chance she might have something available,  I called.  She was thrilled to have the opportunity to help out. I explained the situation and the reason I needed to be there for transportation but it wasn’t working with what time slots were blank in her schedule until she offered a solution.  Since they home school their kids and her husband worked from home on Wednesdays while she was at the salon – why couldn’t he be a chauffer for the Mrs.?

I couldn’t get over the excitement in C’s as she anticipated pampering the Mrs. There had been a conversation between the two of them on Sunday where the Mrs. said she felt like a rich old person going south for the “winter” – (had that been the case – this trip would have been months ago!!!).  Nonetheless, she is excited for her change of scenery and to enjoy seeing a son, daughter-in-law, two grandkids and their spouses and two great-grandkids.

So yesterday I felt like alot got accomplished.  I got some of my hair whacked off and today, 150 miles away, the Mrs. will get permed and prissy without me. There are still good people in the world.  People who love to love on others who they aren’t even related to.  People doing kind things and going out of their way to dote on others.  Maybe it’s just the nature of the salon/spa business.

Meanwhile, I’ll take another day before I head to her place to make sure she has her bags packed and is ready for the Lone Star State before I mount my pony for the country that put Texas on the map.  So here’s to cowgirls gettin’ purdy.mi