i think i can…i think i can…

29 01 2009


It is snowing again.  Another 3″ expected today and highs in the 20ºs and we are still in January.  The weatherman said last night that this has been the coldest January in I don’t know how many years and was teasing us with February.  Comparing those coldest first months to what we might have in store next month – some were 10ºs warmer (please God, yes!) but a bunch were 10ºs colder than normal (please God, no!) and on the tease went.

These little crocus candles, tucked under a shelf at the boutique Shop Girl is babysitting while her boss is in India for two weeks, caught my eye yesterday. I know there is something going on beneath the piles of snow in the yard. There are things happening – all is not dead.  It just feels that way about now.  We just have to hang on.  I know we don’t live in Alaska.  I know I complain alot but there is a certain reality to dealing with this day after day with just hints of sunshine (like two days ago – even if it was a high of 18º.)

There is life happening all around me and I can be encouraged.  A good friend is starting a huge new chapter in life leaving the likes of Washington, D.C. for a small farming town in southern Ohio.  A new house, a new job…a new start.

We are still waiting to hear whether or not the filming permits get in on time from Lansing that will determine if the adventure for Shop Girl will or won’t be a reality. Waiting…poised, ready to spring into “shopping” mode when the light turns green.

And I got a new lease on life with a new toy…it holds a power all its own.  It makes the pictures but I have to see them first.  I’ve got to look close and see things differently.  Find the special in the ordinary – the joy in the mundane.

On the brink of February, I choose to remember that in Spain all the almond trees will blossom.  It was one of my favorite things to see. Maybe I will see something just as spectacular right outside my window in a few weeks.