a squirrely day

21 01 2009

Decidedly, 3 a.m. is too early to get up so I laid there for about an hour before I couldn’t take it any more.  It must have been the fact that I knew I had a 7:30 a.m. appointment to meet someone for coffee.  That is just too much on my mind now that when I’m here in the north – I don’t HAVE to go to work or be anywhere for that matter.  So anything on the schedule is a big deal.  

After coffee, I had some errands to run – stupid little things that I had to go to a bunch of different parts of town to do.  Then there was lunch – something half way decent for the Dr. since he leaves tomorrow for the better part of a month. He’ll not be encountering any spanish tortilla where he is going.  So we do certain comfort foods before and after these trips.  It only makes sense.

I was “reclined” on the couch, checking email and thinking about a nap, when I heard a racket on the front porch.  I ignored it at first but with such persistence I thought maybe someone was stealing half the plastic furniture (no big deal, I might add).  

With MLK day on Monday, we thought that our garbage day would be off by a day. We are the only idiots in the neighborhood and wouldn’t you know it – it was a recycling day too.  You’d be surprised at the amount of stuff we can accumulate on a bi-weekly basis.  But we missed it.  Now I know there was a greater purpose to be served.

img_3810A brown bushy tailed squirrel had helped himself to the Planter’s peanut container that had been in the recycle bin.  He was dragging it across the porch and when it would fall out of his teeth it would clatter around the porch.

img_38074I got the mouser involved to watch the fun.  (note: the can is under the chair in the middle and the squirrel is back up on the wall).

The squirrel very adeptly started chewing off the blue plastic snap-on lid and once there was a big enough hole…I knew where this was going…in went his head and it got stuck.  He jumped off the porch wall, head stuck inside the can and shook it off.  Kitty and I were laughing hysterically by then.  Well, at least her tail was beating up a storm.


Next the clever rodent jumped back up on the wall holding the can in its mouth, only to continue the leap to the pine tree.  Once in the tree, he started climbing…till it all started to slip and he was hanging by this back feet.  



img_38203They both had a soft landing in the snowy yard so there was no harm done.  I’ll have to go check to see if the squirrel just gave up on the bounty or if it is over on the neighbor’s roof which is a mid-way landing spot between big oak trees.

I’m quite sure that there was nothing left in there to eat.  I have half a mind to just find some nuts and toss them on the porch as a peace offering.  That was a lot of hard work for no reward.