on pins and needles

12 01 2009



Shop girl got a message the other day that someone she had worked with on a film project last Fall referred her for a job.  With more investigation, she learned that it is a low-budget feature film being shot here in Grand Rapids.  She’s scrambling to get her “picture book” put together so that when she meets with the director this week, he’ll be able to see the things she has done for wardrobe.  It’s all about getting your foot in the proverbial professional door…getting your name into the mix – especially in a smaller talent pool like we have here.

There has been a lot of courting of the movie industry by the state of Michigan over the last few years.  Kooshy tax incentives have brought a number of production companies here.  If she could get a couple of bigger projects under her belt, she may be positioned for some good things in the future.

Somebody was talking out of both sides of their mouth about her and the grape vine being what it is, it got back to her.  Someone was bad mouthing the situation since it wasn’t a huge Hollywood budget and recognizable names.  I challenge that particular person to name four or five of the principles involved in Slumdog Millionaire.  There is untapped talent in the world…

But I wouldn’t expect that person to know much since they thrive on being SEEN out and about town but not BEING a person of integrity.  It’s all about reputation. Doing a good job, the best that you can, as if it is for the greatest director ever-even if they can’t afford your full day rate.  Because truth be told, there is no formula for what makes it and what doesn’t. Some things may be resume builders.  Remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding?  That and a few dozen other “sleepers” fast-tracked lots of people’s careers.

It is about being creative regardless of the renown it may bring.  It is about being creative because you have to be.  It is about doing your best even if the world doesn’t know your name.  It’s about character.