eyes to sea

4 01 2009

img_3803Tomorrow all the fun is over – for the most part.  It’ll be back to work for Best Boy who has been working from home for the last two weeks and it has been good to be on a different kind of schedule. I remember when the kids were in school that just the change of pace was enough to feel like vacation even if we never left the house. That is what the holidays have felt like.  

Yesterday the Dr. had a hankering for something.  A real meal to be sure.  It wasn’t hard to do and brought great joy and gladness all around.  I must go back and thank the butcher who suggested that maybe someone had been watching too much of the Food Network and not enough ESPN. That got me laughing. It was a delicious treat. Not something we could afford to do all the time but certainly cheaper than going out for the same meal. Besides, there is no restaurant on the face of the earth that does mashed potatoes as good as mine.

This all got me thinking about how much I like my space with my people.  I can often get bogged down with my constant battle to keep things organized and clean. Certainly not my strong suit. But sometimes small things can bring great joy and I can pretend to be one of those women who seem to effortlessly do it all.

Yesterday was sheet day too.  We redid our bedroom about 18 months ago and got rid of a mattress we’d had way too many decades.  We got a luxurious king-sized monster that begs me to be its constant companion. That purchase was on the heels of painting, new window treatments, bed-side lamps, bedspread and the like (all purchased at Tuesday Morning, Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx I might add with our Shop Girl stylist in tow).  It is now a space I really really like.  We still need some shelves put up and things hung on the walls – but that takes me years.  Nonetheless, the color is a delicious hue of blue that reminds me of all the sea and sky I’ve ever loved and our furniture the color of sand.

When those sheets were done drying there was yet another “chore” I knew I needed to do.  Well, not needed to do but seriously wanted to do.  Nothing is better than freshly ironed pillow cases spritzed with lavender water.  Plus there were four shirts waiting to be pressed that I’d been ignoring for weeks. It was time to bite the bullet.

After all the feast dishes were washed and dried and I had wasted enough time putting it all off – I headed up to my room where I keep the ironing board.  In the dusky afternoon light as I switched on the lights, that little jar of fake sea glass caught my eye.  I love sea glass – even though this stuff is not the real deal.  

They say that authentic sea glass is harder and harder to find since littering (for the most part) becomes a no-no.  Certain colors are really rare as less and less glass bottles are made.  Obviously the kelly greens and browns of beer bottles one of the most common.  And the best part – it is one thing of “value” that comes from man-man litter.

Just another story of redemption.  Yet another reminder that there is use and value left in things we throw away.  And facing this year with all the unknown waves and thrashing that the open seas can bring – just means that maybe at the end of these stormy days ahead, something will tumble out on the shore all soft, opaquely frosted and smooth around the edges – that started off being one thing and ends up with a particular rare beauty all it’s own.