resolution pollution

1 01 2009

img_35311I’ve spent some time in the last couple of days looking at different sites that talk about New Year’s Resolutions.  How to make them stick, the percentage of people that keep them, the most popular resolutions and on and on.

I know that there is wisdom in saying things outloud that help us keep these little promises to form a habit or make a lifestyle change.  I’ve always just been chicken enough to keep them to myself to avoid embarrasment or ridicule.  This is called pride…the wrong kind.

Many years my list just revolves around things I’d like to see done in the never ending rehab of this 100 plus year old foursquare house of ours. These don’t really count as a lifestyle changes unless you view it as making progress on a long term goal.  Last year was a biggy getting a new roof put on.  Not as fun as an updated kitchen or redoing the bathroom but necessary.  A new office space was painted, furniture purchased and will be officially marked off THE LIST in the next 15 days when we do the transfer.  Slowly but surely.

The space that will be abandoned used to be Best Boy’s bedroom.  During a rather dark time a few years ago some unique theraputic decorating with a sharpie was begun.  Everyday there would be more to discover. Hidden in the scribbles is the Latin phrase, “esse quam videri”.  It means “to be, rather than to seem”.  Substance over appearance.

Nothing has been so disappointing to me over the last few years than when I’m face to face with the opposite reality.  Things aren’t what they “seem” to be.  People aren’t who they “appear” to be.  Promises and words are just as hollow as popcorn husks.

I had the incredible privilege of being raised in a family where my father was who he said he was – through and through.  Right down to the bitter end.

So in the next 365 days I have the opportunity to be someone rather than to appear to be someone.  The decisions I make will flow directly into that.  The choices I will make each and very minute will count.  What I do with my time, with my money and with my creative energy – will all count.  How will I feel about this entry when I read it a year from now?

How do you want to esse quam videri this year?