house arrest

28 12 2008


Self-imposed banishment to my castle.  Maybe this is a reaction to knowing that the Mrs. is in good company this weekend.  My phone rings – I screen my calls.  Texts come in and they are read and not answered.  I’m sorry.  I’m being really really selfish and really really bad.

I have been working.  Well, that’s a lie unless I was getting paid to be TV critic for a series that has been cancelled.  I love Hulu…I hunkered down and watched all of Arrested Development in just a couple of days instead of stringing it out over the three years it was being broadcast.  It really is a better use of my time.  This way I’m not tied to the TV on certain days of the week and certain hours for months and years at a time.  I’m just attached to my computer for days at a time.

It’s like reading a good book.  Just can’t stop till it’s over.  Tomorrow is back to reality.  I did get laundry done today, made brownies, picked up a couple of pizzas, washed my hair and did dishes a few times…so it hasn’t been a total loss. I’ll get serious here soon- I promise.  Besides these are the lull days.