Tea with the Queen

10 12 2008

img_3828Since  I’ve known her, my mother-in-law has had recurring dreams about having tea with the Queen.  She, of all people, could pull it off.  It’s not like she is a pretentious person by any means – she just knows how to be gracious to lots of different kinds of people in lots of different kinds of settings.

I’d like to think of myself able to do the same thing.  But today – I’m not sure. I had a suspicion about myself and decided to try an experiment.  I went to Walmart.

It was two o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon and the place was hopping.  I was looking for some kind of curlers my mom needed for her hair.  I figured that there would be more selection at said superstore.

What IS it about that store that bothers me so?  I feel like I have been sucked into black hole and passed into a parallel universe that I know nothing about.  I don’t know my way around and I find myself staring at people. That doesn’t happen at the other store.  I know what I need and I just get it done.  

I am a Target snob.