9 12 2008

sc00058487Cotilla – busybody, nosy, gossiper…

There are places in Spain today where the above method of chatting it up with the neighbor is still the norm.  I used to  wonder what those tiny balconies were good for till I saw how they were really used.  Just big enough to step out and see what’s going on in the street below or whether Fulana’s laundry detergent is living up to expectations or to check on the health of her ailing tía abuela…time to talk, time for chismorreo.

I love the word – cotilla.  It’s a great little word that carries a lot of weight especially if you are accusing someone of being one.  Not with the negative weight of a “rat” or “snitch” but one who is quick to pass on information – true or not.

But I gotta LOVE being in the Chicagoland viewing area today.  Everyone is passing on information as fast as they can get it on the air.  Its all the buzz.  Stations are burning up with all the news from the Governor of Illinois’ office.  

I’m sorry – I’m within five episodes of finishing all 5 seasons of The Wire…and “yes, Virginia, there is…a wire!”  LIFE IMITATES ART!  I knew there were real Lester Freamons out there somewhere.