dings and dents

8 12 2008

img_38012Spinach, pickled beets, sweet sour sauce, red wine vinegar, molasses, mustard, olive oil, black-eyed peas, corn, popcorn, brown rice, barbeque sauce and more.  In case Billy ever ran short of these items in the kitchen, he could be sure that he had a back-up down on the shelves under the stairs.

Tomorrow is garbage day.  My goal is adding a bag or two of “pitchable” things with each week’s pick-up.  This week, I decided to have at that mini-pantry.  It hurts to not be able to donate this stuff to a food pantry but I was staring at enough botulism to shut down the metropolitan Chicago area.

Remember that price per unit lesson I used to get in the toilet paper aisle?  It also came along with a stop at the dings and dents cart.  Billy could NOT pass it up without grabbing something.  After all, he never knew when he’d have a hankering for a can of black-eyed peas…(notice the whopping price of 15 cents but also notice the huge dent in the side)…don’t you wonder what is going on inside that can and how long it has until it explodes?

Now in an effort to get you to leave me more comments – I am wondering if we can get guesses as to what year you might think this “Sassy New Seasoning!” might have been the advertising tag line of the year.  And maybe it would be helpful to compare two different jars – perhaps from two different decades?  What do you think?


img_3809I’m tempted to keep the black-eyed peas to send as a prize.