a Billy bird tree

7 12 2008

img_3879Yesterday I jinxed myself.  I said that I’d go to the farmer’s market for the tree only after making sure I had lights that worked.  Frankly, I’m just relieved that I’d even had that thought because it saved the day.  There were more strings of lights that didn’t work than ones that did.

If I bought a tree, I’d have to buy more lights and I’m not going there this year. It sounded to me like the beginning of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. My heart wasn’t really in the whole rigamarole anyway.  You knew that. Two strings of lights are all that have survived so, one was assigned to the mantel with some greenery and the other – to the Billy Bird Tree.  

Somewhere, sometime at someone’s garage sale Billy got a bag full of tiny, little felt birds and last year I perched them on the Christmas tree.  I never put the tree away, I just moved it to the corner of the dining room.  That is the story of the last 12 months for me.  Mass chaos.

Funny thing though – late in the afternoon my phone rang and seeing her caller ID my heart jumped just a little wondering if something was wrong. No, she was just looking for her camera because the curious little black and white bird was back at the feeder.  We are trying to figure out if it is a chickadee or what.  I say it is the Billy Bird.

On my trip down here today I brought along a bag of moldy rolls to put out with the birdseed tomorrow.  If that bird pecks at that fuzzy stuff I’ll know for sure its him keeping track of whether or not I’m keeping up with my job of making sure that feeder is full.img_38761