my 401K

3 12 2008




This is the time when being a pack rat is quite the valuable asset.  Let the economy tank for all I care…as long as I’ve got eBay at my finger tips there is bright hope for the future.





Back in the day, there wasn’t mad cash around to buy “real” Barbie clothes.  Good thing Gregory Margraff’s mom kept her fingers busy making miniature clothes…after all she had no girlies to dress.  I don’t think the Barbie and Midge case was a Christmas gift – I think I remember it more being a birthday gift.  But for all I know it was never mine and I just stole it from my sister!





So if you’re wondering what to wear to that Holiday Office party you’re dreading…maybe you’ll find some inspiration from the fabulous 60’s.  Remember my Barbie was almost exclusively a haute couture kinda gal.






And to think that Shop Girl has more boots than my Barbie does…I can hardly imagine it.









Barbie was a working girl and nothing short of the lifestyle of a stewardess (a politically correct term in that era) would suit her. Gregory’s mom hadn’t come up with her take on the pattern yet so this one comes with a genuine “Mattel” label.  Two purses and beret with “wings” – it didn’t get groovier than that.



Such a lucky oneyedmonkee to have a sophisticated Barbie friend.