only 525,600?

23 10 2008

Exactly one year ago yesterday, I took this photo.  Just a year – just a series of seconds that became minutes, minutes that ticked away into hours, hours into days and here we are today. So many things have changed and so many just the same as they were twelve months ago. 

I can waste so many minutes in a day or I can take a few and do something that is really important and meaningful. That is the really tricky part of managing my life. I’d like to be more careful in the next 525,600 minutes to do the right things.  A balance of minutes that nourish me and minutes that care for those around me in a million little ways to let them know they are loved and esteemed. 

Because we all know that our lives can change in a second…



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25 10 2008


25 10 2008

thanks sarah. It’s been two months today that he’s been gone. Miss him like crazy and glad that he’s not suffering…but as I sit here in HIS chair – keeping my mom company I realize again how precious each day is.

28 10 2008

Just when it seems like everything has changed we find out that all that has really changed is the perspective. Sadly, I’ve learned that the old adage – ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – has many applications. Thus I steadfastly refuse to forget, overlook, or quit caring. Why? Because, as Sartre once responded to a question of why he chose to be a writer, “I had to…what else could I do?”

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