well THAT explains it…

21 10 2008

I just got a message via Facebook that asked two questions that seem to be rolling around my life right now, “What? Why?”  She was responding to a sudden change in my “status” that said I was sitting in a hospital room in Indiana after high tailing it off the set in Michigan just a few hours earlier.  

The ‘ma’ has been hospitalized with a headache, dizziness, unsteady gate, high blood pressure and some confusion after a dentist’s appointment yesterday morning.  By early evening she was admitted for observation and tests.  So one minute I was at Meijer buying men’s white T-shirts for the talent and the next thing I knew I was on the highway headed south.  I gotta hand it to this hospital for having wireless so I can catch up on a million things I’ve been ignoring since the shoot began.  

OMG – where is my iPod?  It only took the two hours I was here last night and the few hours I’ve been here this morning to be really annoyed with her roommate who is probably in her 60’s. Until…I got to hear her gabbing with a young nurse who she thought had time to stand around and get the story.

I know there is COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) – horrible cough – nasty sounding. The backstory is that this WOMAN spent 26 years working IN THE STEEL MILLS.  I would have pegged her for a union boss in a factory somewhere but the MILLS???  There weren’t too many woman in the Mills in those days and I totally get that.  

The level of harassment leveled against females back in the day was some crazy stuff.  She watched as guys instructed a newbee to put her hands just so to steady an engine as they hoisted some other piece of equipment over it…and voila – an “accident” that took the woman’s fingers.  But that woman is still in the Mills…working with less digits but plenty of guts.  Yikes!  Wouldn’t want to cross her in line at Walmart!

So – here I am waiting for explanations and listening to explanations – hearing things that make sense and at times left wondering…at least I have internet access.  It might just be a double post day!!!!

(photo used by permission ©michael reichmann @ http://www.luminous-landscape.com/1photo-pages/pouring-steel.shtml)