a special something

20 10 2008

In a very few days, I get to spend the weekend with two of my best friends from high school.  We’ve not seen each other in, ohhhh about fifteen years.  One of them has a house on the Big Lake and we’re meeting there.  In preparation, I’m gonna burn some CD’s of some of our favorite music…and I heard this the other day and instantly started to cry.

Happy Monday.

I dedicate this to my favorite Shop Girl who is working her ass off.

You intuitively carry Neil Young in your heart and you get your best music from that deep place in your soul…right where I was storing it all through the 70’s – never imagining that barely 10 years later you’d come around-and that you’d start writing the sweetest tunes ever when you reached the age I had been when I was on a steady Neil diet.  Full circle.  All my love and my best CSN&Y vinyl is yours.