I should have paid attention in Home-Ec.

9 10 2008

Why didn’t I listen?  Why didn’t I pay attention in Home-Ec? Why didn’t I learn from my mom when she made every dress I ever wore in high school?  In fact, she even made my wedding dress.  Where is the upload button in my brain that can just automatically take in all the information on how-to?  Truth be told, I was never in a learning frame of mind when she was making those dresses.  

I was always secretly wishing I could have something off the rack.  There was never enough budget for those extras, so she would sew in her “off” time – after working a full time job, putting meals on the table every night, keeping the house clean, doing my laundry and all the rest that I totally took for granted.  Now looking back at the timing of the wedding dress – the poor woman was menopausal when I was a bridezilla.  So karma is back here slapping me upside the head in a real way. 

We are in a pre-production mode this week.  Never a pretty sight around this house.  Somethings for the wardrobe department could NOT be purchased but had to be sewn.  Shop-girl is in charge of all the costumes and wardrobe issues for a week’s worth of shooting on four different projects that starts next Thursday.  So with her hands on a brand new sewing machine and the booklet of instructions, a pattern, material and the rest – we got started.

With the exception of the fact that the instruction writers for Ikea furniture seem to be collaborating with pattern makers with their “secret-speak” (the unwritten pre-knowledge that is essential for completing most tasks) – she was able to make a dress in a day.  Now we have other issues to deal with between now and the first call time.  But that was a biggie and she should be proud.  

Here’s to hoping the director doesn’t change his mind and scrap the idea for the dress.  For now it is officially the Hero Dress.