Cubs karma

3 10 2008

We need to honor our ancestors and take a few moments this morning to send all our best energy flow to our beloved Cubs.  If you’ll note in the photo, Billy’s pants were too big for him to wear but that didn’t stop him from showing his true form early on. Let our battle cry ring out across the miles:  This year for Billy!



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4 10 2008

Bill, Marge, and Dad would have found a way to rationalize this latest Cub collapse. Good for them, because I sure can’t!!

4 10 2008

Shame on you! It’s not over yet. Doesn’t the game start at 10 p.m.?

5 10 2008
Amy Jo

I hate the fact that I can’t hate the Cubs for once again letting my heart believe that this was “next year”. However, the bright spot in this all is that I like numbers. 100 years was just too neat . . . I like palindromes, like 101 years. I got married on 12/21 in the year 2002, my son’s birthday is 3/23, Kyleigh’s birthday, however, is Christmas day, which is just a good day in general. SO, take heart Cubs fans, NEXT year is THE maybe next year. I have to believe it.

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