itinerant mouser

23 09 2008

My dad did not like cats.  Consequently, I never had a cat until twenty years ago a little runt in our house found an orphaned kitten (well not exactly orphaned – just abandoned by her beaatch of a mom) on a very cold rainy November night and did that quintessential dad-begging to let her bring it upstairs to the apartment for just ONE night.  Thirteen years later and numerous overseas jaunts traveling like the King of Siam, that black and white was given the keys to the kingdom thanks to a friend of mine who worked at the humane society.

Then came psycho cat.  She’s good enough – a hard working mouser for sure – always leaving her prizes in obvious places for me to find.  Like right beside the toaster…she knows that’s a place we’ll visit most every morning.  But she talks alot.  She’s a yappy cat.  Especially at this time of day when we are anywhere within a few hours time of her twice a day alotment of smelly little kibbles.

I do know that she doesn’t get the attention that the first one got.  That first one was a dog in cat’s clothing.  He’d fetch – he’d let the girl dress him up in doll clothes – he was quiet and shy and rarely came out when non-family members were in the house, and most importantly he knew when you wanted him to cuddle or when just your feet were cold.  All in all a pretty perfect cat for our first time around.  

But she…She came just 6 months before the “golden” four-legged child.  The one that does NO wrong, barely barks unless she’s feeling protective, very easy on the eyes, and she has to be coaxed into licking anything.  So the little missy has had a lot to live up to for sure.  She doesn’t get taken for walks or get to go to the groomers for a spa treatment…lately she gets locked in the basement at night to stay away from the only houseplant I’ve dared have in 7 years.  It’s supposedly poisonous but just like a freakin’ junkie…I can’t keep her away.  She’s ruined the blame thing.

So I’m headed south in the morning and wondering if I should take a little traveling companion with me.  It’s just an experiment at this point.  Maybe she’d make a good housemate for someone who is alone all day and has no one to talk to.  They could talk to each other.  The shedding would just be a plus as it’d give the lady something else to do and someone to fuss over.  The mouser could be an alarm clock of sorts to remind the mrs. of when to take her pills.  “When the incessant meowing starts take your pills then feed the feline.  No batteries necessary.  Will work even during power outages and will not have to be reset during Daylight Savings Time.”  How perfect is that!

I’ll be there for a few days this week and maybe mouser will just think she’s special that she gets to go and the hairy big beast doesn’t.  Then if it seems like all is well – I’ll leave her there when I come back for the weekend and we’ll see where we stand after that.  

The only thing I wonder about is who will clean the dog’s face every morning.