95 shopping days left till Christmas

20 09 2008

Billy got a moose last year and I’m thinking his “girlfriend” deserves something like this under her Christmas tree this year…check out what the Spoon Sisters are offering.  


Tattoos for the Elderly

Tattoos for the Elderly

Everything in life is a little easier to take if we have a sense of humor about it, and yes that includes old age. So for anyone who’s really “old school”, here’s a set of tattoos guaranteed to generate laughs from Arizona to Florida, and every retirement community in-between. With ten different tattoos, you can choose from “Grand Mom”, “Retirement Home Boy”, or our personal favorite the “Pill Organizer wrapped in a Snake”. They’re so much fun, you’ll want to wear more than one! Tattoos will stay on up to three days; can wash lightly with soap and water; may come off in chlorinated water.



One response

20 09 2008

“Out of Control” would have been an apt choice for Uncle Bill. I think “Bite Me” is fitting for the likes of myself, but not necessarily with the image of floating dentures attached!! Finally, is there any doubt that my mom is “Really Old School”?

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