fashion forward

15 09 2008

For some of you this is old news… at least ONE person in my immediate family (OK, two – I just asked the most unlikely one and he knew!!) is aware that New York Fashion Week just finished up giving sneak peeks of what to expect next Spring. The runway that set the pace for what we will see for the Fall/Winter 2009 collections (back in February) had feathers, feathers, and more feathers.  

What a fashionista Billy was…and we never knew.  You got nothin’ on us Marc Jacobs.



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16 09 2008


16 09 2008
Amy Jo

I’d be willing to bet that my mom would say that the feathers are a VAST improvement on the hat! 😉

19 09 2008

It could be my 3 hours of sleep last night but this gave me the belly laughs!

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