you want maverick?

6 09 2008





5 responses

6 09 2008
Amy Jo

Do you still wear cowboyboots with shorts??? 😉 What a cute picture! Reminds me of the “high-step” dance team garb that grace the football fields of Texas every Friday night. I found a cute picture last night of you in bed and me snuggled up next to you cuddling your Pooh Bear. Bet you’d like to cuddle with it still from time to time now days. Loveya!

6 09 2008

You haven’t changed. I like the foot up on the step – and the binoculars – for the long view.

6 09 2008
Magik Quilter

Too cute!

7 09 2008

Yo, Tex, whar be thisee har picatur be a takin at? Y’all dunt be a lookin nuttin like dat der Jimmy Garner fella! An’ put down dem pistols befer y’all git hurt!!

7 09 2008
Amy Jo

I’ll have to hitch up my horse to the post outside our door and go a lookin’ fer it. 😉

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